About Us
About Us

Hi! My name is Amandeep and my mission is to empower experts, coaches, speakers, and trainers to communicate their skills effectively. I am a Speaker, an international trainer, an Best Selling Author, and an Entrepreneur.

I was born in a small village, I always had a motivation to learn and grow. Even when I was a kid, I had a strong motivation to get better every day.

  • I have a little secret for you – I was not a great public speaker!
  • I used to speak too fast.
  • I used to use too many buts.. ah’s…umms in my speech
  • I used to forget what I wanted to say
  • and the list went on...

But fast forward to today… I am now a highly paid speaker, who has been able to teach and mentor thousands of students.

And I honestly believe;

If I can learn Public Speaking… anyone can!

It’s got nothing to do with your inborn talents or your family background…

but a lot to do with right practices, proven practices and patience.

I hope to interact with you and meet you within the workshop!

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